About us

With the rapid growth of UAVs for industry, there are now a multitude of flying machines. Helicopters, quad copters, hectacopters and even octocopters.

At Falcon UAV, we believe in fitting the most suitable “aerial platform” to the job at hand. The plane / copter is only a device for gathering data / images, etc. Whilst interesting, we understand that the specs and technology is only as good as getting the job done.

We are proud to be a distributor for AgEagle in Australia / NZ. Having visited their factory in Neodesha, KS; we were impressed by the company’s understanding of what works in the ag world. This surely is the best UAV/drone system for agriculture.

We are based in Melbourne, Australia, but provide a national service - both sales of AgEagles, AgFalcon copters and NDVI imaging for the agricultural industry. If you are interested in joining us at Falcon UAV as a contract pilot - call us now.
Importantly, we are fully insured and registered with CASA, OC 0427. Always ask a drone pilot for their insurance certificate !!!

Photo: Phil Lyons (Falcon UAV) and Bret Chilcot (CEO - AgEagle)