Falcon UAV Press

Weekly Times shows RX48
Best hand launched Ag drone on the market.
Aust Nutgrower mag
Bird scaring to help protect crops
AgFalcon in the Weekly Times
Our new 6 rotor crop scanning copter is made for Agriculture.
Going Nuts over UAVs
Variety of applications for drones in the nut industry, saving thousands.
WA's Farm Weekly
Spreading the word about new aerial imaging technology
Aust Cane Growers Monthly
Sugar Cane farmers will get a huge benefit from AgEagle imaging
Demo flight for Minister of Ag
Minister Jaala Pulford's Twitter page shows video of AgEagle take off
WA Boom Mining mag article
Dec 2014 issue of Boom magazine to the WA mining industry.
SA Harvest Special
Bringing better precision ag to broadacre farmers in South Australia.
Ch 7 TV News Adelaide
https://au.news.yahoo.com/sa/video/watch/25007615/ eye-in-the-sky-helping-farmers/
Tasmanian Farmer
Article in the Tas Farmer advising growers in the Apple isle of the benefits of the AgEagle system.
Adverts into Tassie
The Tasmanian Farmer is well read throughout the State.
Weekly Times
Article in The Weekly Times, Australia's major, national agricultural newspaper.