Agriculture UAV Photos

Demonstrating "Bird Scarer"
AgFalcon copter carrying the sonic bird deterrent.
Hazelnuts monitored by AgEagle
Proud to have Agri Australis, monitor largest hazelnut farm in the world.
New AgEagle RX48
Looking forward to the new "bird", twin GPS receivers for best accuracy, hand launch.
Merlot Grapes NDVI
Poor performing areas are quite visible. Vineyards gain excellent insight to vine health.
QLD students embracing PA
AgEagle demonstrated to Glasshouse Christian College students.
Checking Poppies from the Air
Australia's leading poppy grower now has Crop Health images of their fields
Queensland AgEagle flyers
We now have NDVI Crop Health imaging in southern QLD
Sugar Cane Treatment Map
NDVI converted to variable rate map, only treat those areas that need it.
Potatoes under stress, some.
The NDVI and NIR images of 35 ha potato paddock
Before & After PA Treatment
Cotton paddock 5 weeks apart. Corrective action increases yield.
Frosted Vineyard
Frost damaged vineyard shows clearly in the NDVI
Local Member for Shepp region
Suzanna Sheed at UAV demonstration flight in Tatura.
New AgEagle over Blighty
Farmer now scanning their own crops for Spectral Health Mapping
Aerial Mapping
Full colour aerial image taken with RGB camera. Fully autonomous flight.
Monitor Individual Trees
Scanning a walnut orchard in NIR, shows where trees are missing.
Perfect Landing Spot
Setting up for a soft landing into the cotton.
NDVI Imaging of Rice Fields
Just a 20 min flight of the AgEagle shows crop stress areas in rice fields.
A Crowd Puller
The take off of an AgEagle always draws an interested crowd.
Deniliquin demo day
Launching the AgEagle at Superior Seed's crop day
NDVI image West of Horsham
A short demo flight quickly revealed a problem area.
1st AgEagle into New Zealand
The Gordon Handy Machinery group starts aerial imaging for farmers in NZ.
Field Demo in Birchip, NW Vic
Phil Lyons and the AgEagle ready to launch.
NDVI imaging example
Two different paddocks - one treated with lime, shows healthy plant life.
The AgEagle has landed
First AgEagle in Australia, part of the first batch produced.
UAV Assembly Line
AgEagles coming off the production line. Avg. 10 per week.
UAV Construction
Manufactured by AgEagle. Neodesha, Kansas, USA
UAV Media Photo
Perfect flying conditions! Even in a 30 knt wind
UAV Launcher
Custom "Long Bow" Launcher. Supplied with AgEagle, fast assembly
Flight Plan
Example of interleave flight program. Very windy day.
In Flight
AgEagle test flight. All sales of AgEagles in Australia include full training.
NDVI Image
Example of a resulting NDVI Image. Green area are healthy plants