Light weight 1.6 kg / 3.5 lbs

Portable and operable by one person

Deployment in 3 minutes

Up to 90 minutes flight time

Full high definition

Live video capture from up to 20 km / 12 mi

RGB camera with 32x digital zoom

FLIR thermal camera with 5x digital zoom

High-accuracy ISR solution

The RGB and thermal eBee VISION drone operates in challenging environments to provide a high accuracy mobile solution for intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance (ISR)
Share video feeds on rapidly-changing environments to inform strategy and act with precision. eBee VISION is a Swiss-made solution that is easy to transport, hand-launch and maintain by a single operator in the field.

RGB camera with 32x zoom

Detect and recognize objects of interest from a safe distance using stabilized 21MP dual RGB sensor. Use real-time RGB and thermal blending to optimize visibility. Simultaneously capture, view and record HD video and imagery

Thermal camera with 5x zoom

Easily detect small targets at long distances or undercover using a fusion of thermal and RGB imaging, enabled by a 640x512 FLIR Boson micro-bolometer with 5x digital zoom.

Cursor-on-Target (CoT)

Locate targets using center of image coordinates, available on both RGB and thermal views, with 50 m / 164 ft of circular error at an undetectable distance from the target. Share the location immediately as latitude longitude or MGRS coordinates

Automated and assisted manual flight operations

Seamlessly adapt pre-planned flight missions during the flight to follow the targets discovered. Easy to use Point Of Interest (POI) mode for surveillance and Go To functionality to quickly focus observation on target of interest on the map

Validated as cyber-secure

Radio data link encryption AES-256

Drone log file suppression

Protected by secure element

Silent radio mission

Encrypted SD card

Remote controller & radio

Drop-resistant remote controller designed for challenging environments. All controls optimised for ease of use and switching between drone and sensor operations. 7” sunlight viewable screen and changeable radio-module.

Drone specifications

Table Header
127 cm / 50 in
Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)
1.6 kg / 3.5 lbs
Transport case
Lightweight backpack or available hardcase

Flight performance

Table Header
Cruise speed
15 m/s (54 km/h or 33 mph)
Max speed
25 m/s (90 km/h or 55 mph)
Max wind resistance
14 m/s (50 km/h or 31 mph)
Max flight time
90 minutes
Service temperature
-10°C, +49°C / 14°F, 120°F
Rain resistance
Able to operate in light rain

Remote controller specifications

Table Header
7” sunlight viewable screen with rain mode and glove touch
Continuous HD video feed from RGB and thermal sensors including blending
Flight application
Easy to use flight application enabling single user simultaneous flight and sensor operation
Customizable joysticks and buttons to optimize flight and sensor operations
IP rating

RGB sensor specifications

Table Header
Dual-sensor: 1/2.4”
5344 x 4016
Focal length
4mm / 16mm
Field of view
ISO range
32x digital
Video resolution
4K / FHD / HD
Video format
MP4 (H.264)

Thermal sensor specifications

Table Header
640 x 512
5x digital
Video resolution
1280 x 720
Video format
MP4 (H.264)

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