With the rapid growth of UAVs for industry, drone technology provides industry huge advancements to make informed, proactive and effective decisions on their current and future activities. Our Drone and Sensor technologies support a variety of industries including Agriculture, Defense, Environmental Monitoring, and Renewable Energy Monitoring. With a focus on Agriculture, Falcon UAV specialises in working with clients to improve land management, increase crop yields and operate a more profitable and environmentally sustainable agribusiness.

Falcon UAV are the Australia and New Zealand regional partners of international fixed wing manufacturers, AgEagle, and their comprehensive range of camera payloads including SenseFly & Micasense. In addition, FalconUAV have partnered with the Enterprise line of DJI equipment for Surveying and Spraying requirements, as well as Sentera Camera manufacturers for enhanced decision making.

We are based in Melbourne, Australia, but provide a national service using AgEagle eBee and DJI quadcopters copters for NDVI/NDRE imaging  as well as Spray Drones predominantly for the Agricultural industry. Specialised Units and services are also available to Defense, Environmental and Renewables industries. Get in touch to find out more.



As distributors of the AgEagle, we are pleased to present the best Unmanned Aerial System for the agricultural market.

AgFalcon MR4

A precision agriculture UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) system designed and built for Australia.


Falcon UAV will come out to your farm and supply either an NDVI or a Digital Colour image of your paddock.

We have operators across Victoria, southern Queensland, Northern NSW and Adelaide. Our NDVI images will quickly show any areas of ‘crop stress’ allowing for precision assessment and most appropriate solution; increase yield.

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