Livestock producers, Croppers, Agronomists, Agricultural engineers, Researchers, and Service Providers use drone-captured data to capture enhanced insights from above for precise planning and management of operations throughout the growing season.

Drone or UAV data can be in the form of predominantly RGB, multispectral, and thermal which have a higher accuracy, spatial, and temporal resolution than satellite data as well as being significantly cheaper than manned-aircraft flights for the same sets of data.

UAV Benefits:

UAV application:

UAV Data Ouputs:

A variety of software is available for flight planning, image stitching and processing. FalconUAV can assist you in your goals to determine the right UAV is selected for your requirements.

NDVI Explained - Normalized Difference Vegetation Index

NDVI or Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, all plants both absorb and reflect radiation In the near infrared band, there is a specific colour range that indicates a healthy plant.
Outside of this, is a plant ‘under stress’ ! An NDVI image can identify those problem areas.

By having this imagery of a crop or field, allows a farmer or agronomist, to go directly to that section that is a problem. Quite often these are not easily seen from the ground and as the NDVI image can detect plant stress before the human eye – preventitive treatment can be applied, saving dollars and increasing yield.

Each plant exhibits its own spectral wavelength when healthy, however they will all show as shades of green when converted in our software, Agpixel. Identifying weed infestation is possible by seeking out areas of similar colour spectrums.

Importantly, the NDVI image will show exactly where healthy plants are and these do not need expensive crop treatments or chemicals. More savings.

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