AgEagle - eBee Fixed Wing

Flying Wing aircraft

As distributors of the AgEagle, we are pleased to present the best Unmanned Aerial System for the agricultural market.

This flying wing has been specifically designed for ag use; built “tractor tuff”, with design input from agronomists, farmers and aviation specialists – the AgEagle is set to perform.

Flying wings are far more stable in windy conditions, when compared to most other platforms. They also generally have greater endurance: the AgEagle can cover around 400 acres in a single 35 min flight.

Simply program in the area to be imaged, add a few elements (wind direction) and the software creates a flight plan. After launch, handover to the computer and its all automatic after that. The AgEagle is a most economical piece of agricultural equipment, designed to Save Costs and Increase Yield.

The Ageagles System

Eyes In The Sky

eBee X Aerial Imaging pack includes:

AgEagle RX48

A most economical fixed wing drone solution for precision agriculture. The new RX48 is hand launched is minutes, does not need internet connectivity. Creates flight missions easily and quickly. The Botlink NIRX image processing eliminates issues from cloudy shadows.

AgEagle RX48

The RX48 system includes

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