AgFalcon MR4

A precision agriculture UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) system designed and built for Australia. The AgFalcon hexacopter is a tough ag tool, capable of scanning between 100 to 120 acres of your crop, orchard or vineyard.

With a spectral camera mounted underneath, taking images in the Near InfraRed wavelength; these can be used to create NDVI maps to pinpoint problem areas, or to show those plants that are very healthy and do not need any chemical treatment. Save money.

The AgFalcon is also versatile – carrying a variety of cameras / sensors / even a bird scaring unit. The AgFalcon is ideally suited to operate on smaller areas. Those that are surrounded by trees, hills and can benefit from this drone’s ability to hover.

With on-board high definition video camera option, the AgFalcon can transmit live images back to your laptop; monitor stock movement, set a flight path to observe farm infrastructure, gates, water holes, fence lines. With a flight time of up to half an hour in video mode and having 6 motors for that extra ‘insurance’. The AgFalcon can be your eye-in -the-sky.

Made from advanced carbon fibre composites. Fast local servicing if needed and an auto pilot system that allows for very simple flight operations.

The Facts & Specs

Also available in a 4 motor quad copter configuration. The AgFalcon UAV system is designed to instantly provide an eye-in-the-sky image. With the ability to hover, closer inspection of any paddock section or live stock may be seen. Using the NIR (Near Infrared) camera, the image created is an NDVI map indicating plant health. Ground proof these areas for specific solution treatment; either nutrition, infestation, weeds, etc. With the optional video kit, monitor farm infrastructure or stock movements. The high definition video camera transmits live images back to the base screen. Set a flight plan to either scan an entire paddock or to specific waypoints. The AgFalcon will auto land when low battery power is detected, Return Home function at any time. Fit our custom Bird Scarer to get rid of damaged birds. Folding carbon fibre props give quiet, robust flight and less prop damage on turn-over landings. Folding rotor arms for easy storage and transportation. AgFalcon system may include:

The Ageagles System

AgEagle RX48

A most economical fixed wing drone solution for precision agriculture. The new RX48 is hand launched is minutes, does not need internet connectivity. Creates flight missions easily and quickly. The Botlink NIRX image processing eliminates issues from cloudy shadows.

AgEagle RX48

The RX48 system includes

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