As the ANZ region distributors of international market leaders, AgEagle, and their range of fixed wing UAVs as well as a locally produced range of multi-rotor UAVs, AgFalcon, we are pleased to present the best Unmanned Aerial Systems for the agricultural market to cater for all types of aerial imaging requirements.

We have operators across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and Adelaide. Our aerial imagery will quickly show any areas of ‘crop stress’ allowing for precision assessment and most appropriate solution; increase yield.

Both UAV types have been specifically designed for ag use; built “tractor tuff”, with design input from agronomists, farmers and aviation specialists – the AgEagle and AgFalcon is set to perform.

Flying wings are far more stable in windy conditions, when compared to most other platforms. They also generally have greater endurance: the AgEagle can cover around 400 acres in a single 35 min flight.

Simply program in the area to be imaged, add a few elements (wind direction) and the software creates a flight plan. After launch, handover to the computer and its all automatic after that. The AgEagle and AgFalcon are the most economical piece of agricultural equipment, designed to save costs and increase yield.

The Ageagles System


AgFalcon MR4

A precision agriculture UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) system designed and built for Australia.

AgEagle - eBee Fixed Wing

As distributors of the AgEagle, we are pleased to present the best Unmanned Aerial System for the agricultural market.

Solution Bundle

Eye in Sky Bundles

Radar accuracy drone, camera, accessories and supporting software bundles.

Precision Planning Bundle

Falcon 5 step improvement pasture improvement Program.
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