Bio Arm D.R. – Soilmate Armour D.R.


Diptera Resistance (Onion Maggot, Fungus Gnats, Fly & mosquito Larvae Resistance) Bacillus Thurengiensis Israelensis & Abalone Fish

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The Bio Arm D.R. Plant Resistance Formula is a broad spectrum, preventative product for the support of plant health in Diptera resistance. Through the use of organic biological agents, our Bio Arm D.R. Plant Resistance Formula supports optimal environmental conditions that enable plants to resist and suppress onion maggot, fungus gnats and fly & mosquito larvae. Bio Arm D.R. is a biological, cost-effective solution that is ideal for in-crop protection across a range of climates including tropical and sub-tropical climates.

Application Rates

The Bio Arm D.R. Plant Resistance Formula can be applied with spray equipment commonly used for making ground or aerial applications and sprinkler/ irrigation systems commonly used for chemigation. Can be used for organic production and is most effectively used in a Preventive Resistance Management Program. For improved performance use in a tank-mix or rotational program with other registered fungicides. For best results, use sticking agent to adhere to the leaf. 0.75-1.5L per Ha. Check application guide for complete application rates and timings.

Contains Bacillus Thurengiensis
Israelensis ::

Minimum of IU 32000 per
mg of product.

The percentage active ingredient does not indicate product performance and potency.
Total Major Nutrients: Unit
Nitrogen (N)
% 1.82
Phosphorus (P)
% 0.521
Potassium (K)
% 0.094
Sulphur (S)
% 0.225
Total Minerals: Unit
Copper (Cu)
ppm 6.07
Zinc (Zn)
ppm 22.2
Iron (Fe
ppm 0.272
Manganese (Mn)
ppm 1.35
Cobalt (Co)
ppm 0.125
Molybdenum (Mo)
ppm 0.305
Boron (B)
ppm 2.08
Total Cations Unit
Calcium (Ca)
% 0.0697
Magnesium (Mg)
% 0.0534
Sodium (Na)
% 0.319
Carbon Content: Unit
Organic Matter
% 11.1
Organic Carbon
% 5.55
Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio
C/N 7.37
pH (1:5 Water)

5L, 10L, 20L

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