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Wild Harvested Abalone (WHA) 2-0.5-0.1 + 5

Bacillus Bacteria + Fish + Organic Carbon

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Shown to alleviate soil stalinization stress; solubising soil inorganic phosphate; myco- remedation of soil organic contamination. The bacteria bio-film communities form a mutualistic interaction with plant rhizome system, providing pre-emptive colonisation. It is able to combat the impact of pathogens by releasing, a number of natural enzymes, siderphores and antibiotics. Highly efficient phosphate solubising bacteria that secrete organic acids that can mobilise insoluble nutrients like Phosphorus.
Crop Type Unit Crop Type
2-4L per Ha into 300-300L water
Short crops (less than 10 weeks) - Once per crop rotation within 2 weeks of planting. Long crops (over 10 weeks) - Twice per crop rotation. First app within 2 weeks of planting, second app midway through crop cycle
4L per Ha into 200-300L water
Apply in Spring and Autumn.
All other crops
2-4L per Ha into 200-300L water
See Soilmate specialist for application timings.
Total Major Nutrients: Unit
Nitrogen (N)
% 1.82
Phosphorus (P)
% 0.521
Potassium (K)
% 0.094
Sulphur (S)
% 0.225
Total Minerals: Unit
Copper (Cu)
ppm 6.07
Zinc (Zn)
ppm 22.2
Iron (Fe
ppm 0.272
Manganese (Mn)
ppm 1.35
Cobalt (Co)
ppm 0.125
Molybdenum (Mo)
ppm 0.305
Boron (B)
ppm 2.08
Total Cations Unit
Calcium (Ca)
% 0.0697
Magnesium (Mg)
% 0.0534
Sodium (Na)
% 0.319
Carbon Content: Unit
Organic Matter
% 11.1
Organic Carbon
% 5.55
Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio
C/N 7.37
pH (1:5 Water)

1L, 5L, 10L, 20L

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