Bio Arm P.I.R. – Soilmate Armour P.I.R.


Bacillus Thuringiensis (Kurstaki) & Abalone Fish Fertiliser

Organic Biological Formulation

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Bio Arm PIR is a broad spectrum, preventative defence product for the non-chemical support of plant health in pest, insect and disease resistance. By combining natures organic biological micro- nutrients, our Bio Arm P.I.R. provides the plant with the building blocks to build the optimal environmental conditions for the plant to thrive and resist pest insects. Our naturally occurring organic biological micro-nutrients assist the plant to naturally resist pest insects by non-toxic organic biological mechanisms without the need to apply toxic chemicals.
Bio Arm P.I.R. is an organic biological formula that contains the naturally occurring micro-organisms Bacillus Thuringiensis combined organic fish fertiliser made primarily from abalone and other fish waste streams. Bio Arm P.I.R. is compatible with many IPM programs as it offers high quality, cost- effective, broad spectrum support for the plant to self-control pest insects across more than 200 crops, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, vines, cotton, oil palm and corn.

Application Rates

0.75L-1.5L/Ha. For full list of application rates, refer to Application Guide.
Total Major Nutrients: Unit
Nitrogen (N)
% 1.82
Phosphorus (P)
% 0.521
Potassium (K)
% 0.094
Sulphur (S)
% 0.225
Total Minerals: Unit
Copper (Cu)
ppm 6.07
Zinc (Zn)
ppm 22.2
Iron (Fe
ppm 0.272
Manganese (Mn)
ppm 1.35
Cobalt (Co)
ppm 0.125
Molybdenum (Mo)
ppm 0.305
Boron (B)
ppm 2.08
Total Cations Unit
Calcium (Ca)
% 0.0697
Magnesium (Mg)
% 0.0534
Sodium (Na)
% 0.319
Carbon Content: Unit
Organic Matter
% 11.1
Organic Carbon
% 5.55
Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio
C/N 7.37
pH (1:5 Water)

5L, 10L, 20L

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