AgEagle RX48

A most economical fixed wing drone solution for precision agriculture. The new RX48 is hand launched is minutes, does not need internet connectivity. Creates flight missions easily and quickly. The Botlink NIRX image processing eliminates issues from cloudy shadows.

AgEagle RX48

  1. Scan 100 to 120 hectares in a single 30 min flight.
  2. Create fast crop health maps; identify problems, save money on treatment costs.
  3. Fully autonomous flight; Android tablet does the flying and landing.
  4. Flies in windy conditions that would hamper hobby type quad copters.
  5. True NIR from Sentera NDVI sensor.
  6. Durable composite construction.
  7. Weighs less than 2 Kg for non-license requirement.
  8. We set it up for you, then train you on-site.

The RX48 system includes

  1. Flying wing
  2. 6600 mAh Li Po Battery
  3. Smart Battery Charger
  4. Flight control software
  5. Sentera NIR camera
  6. Optional image processing software or cloud based processing
  7. On-site training available.